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PSY-320-16127 Abnormal Psychology by: Erin Davis on B day at 1410-1530 Prerequisites: One (1) general psychology course Decription: course description to be filled by Faculty
Interfaith and Inclusive Communication
Professor Elizabeth Sink
B day at 1540-1700
Prerequisites: None

Description: Regardless of discipline or career path, governments, employers and communities need citizens who are knowledgeable about global diversity issues, savvy at opening channels of dialogue across cultural boundaries and experienced in both domestic and international settings. The course will provide a survey of intercultural communication theory and practice and encourage the cultivation of communicative competence with people from different cultural backgrounds both in domestic and international settings, as well as across a variety of contexts. The course balances attention to concepts and principles with experientially-based study designed to apply theoretical understandings in concrete, international locations to transform students into intellectually skilled and culturally sensitive world citizens, able to embrace global diversity as a valuable asset of communication in the 21st century.

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